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from the CEO’s mouth, tell us more about the facility? The facility like I said is really impressive. The auditorium can sit 400 people comfortably. We want it to be open so that it can be used to stage many other things including plays, drama, and concerts. It’s on 2 floors, so based on those 2 floors we have got a mix of rooms which can be opened up, to afford delegates great interaction including break-out facilities. We have got more rooms in another floor that can serve people for board room type discussions. Very soon the convention centre is going to be connected to a dining facility to give the convenience of break out conferencing with the state of the art audio visual facilities and ease of access to very high standard catering. So in essence, I think in terms of appointment of the facilities, they are appointed to the highest standard in the world. Just to ask you to add something, security has been a concern in the country, would you just mention something about security when it comes to the Convention Centre? I think for us it’s one of the most secured venues because Hospitals by their nature are secure because we value privacy of our patients and our customers and we restrict entry because of restricted visiting times. There is parking which is well guarded in one campus and we have got electronic devices for registering people entering the grounds and going into the building. I would say that it’s really well catered for in terms security; so if anybody is in the premises they don’t need to worry about such concerns. To move on, I want to understand the unique proposition for the centre, I just want to understand what delegates are looking for, is there value add to it for instance let’s say my colleagues come to the conference, can they have a value add of getting a Hospital tour? One of the things we need to be able to tap in is when people are here, particularly when they are travelling from abroad, is to give them a guided Hospital tour to see some of the state of the art facilities we have like our new maternity, our new Critical Care Unit, what we are doing with our North Wing as it were. These are the things that we would like and that is going to enhance Kenya as a preferred destination as well as a centre of excellence. The other value add would be offering some basics to delegates like having their blood pressure checked, and asking basic questions like if you had a cardiac arrest; if you are watching your diet; and if you are you exercising among others. We also have a fitness centre right next to our convention centre that is open to all our staff, all the consultants, anybody 16 MAL25/18 ISSUE The whole thing about conference tourism is actually to make Nairobi and other cities destinations for conferencing, and by destination it not only means investing in conference facilities in hotels, but developing end to end infrastructure so that people can conveniently fly in and out of airports, there is ease of transportation to venues and creating entertainment hubs, social hubs, cultural hubs as well as shopping hubs that actually attract people. who works in this campus. It is open at a very subsidized rate so those are the things we are looking at in pursuit of loading value adds to our promise. Wow, that’s wonderful, could you just give us an example, besides internal trainings are there other events that you’ve done at the centre? They are many. Non Communicable Diseases Conference was there at the centre, we’ve had the Plastic Surgeons in Kenya conferences, we have an Annual Cardiac Symposium, we have Infectious Diseases Symposium, the list is long. Then one of the parastatals, NASCOP has been coming here regularly, this is their preferred centre for all their meetings that they are having, so as people get to know more about the centre, then we are going to have more attraction to it. To finish off, I just want you to give us your experience when you felt like “we did the right thing”, At the convention centre? Yes, at the convention centre? I think people are impressed by the professionalism of the entire centre. When they come in the registration is usually very well organized and how we have done that is we have actually asked our Hospital team to take ownership of all the meetings that are held there so even if an association comes, an association is independent of us, since it’s been held at a convention centre delegates are here, we have told our team to join them in the planning and we have seen rapid improvements from some of the meetings that have been held so far.