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Or probably will be born here. Yes, definitely, thank you for that. How do you envision this whole outfit, say in the next five years to come? The Hospital will continue because if you walk around you can see us modernizing many facilities, so in the next five years we anticipate to have a new paediatric centre, we have a very modern lab, we should have modernized our Radiology services and we are also embarking on developing a brand new Hospital at this site which will roughly be between 350-750 beds. So that’s where we are looking at. That is a wonderful job happening here, allow me to move to something different and thank you for the introduction, you have really given us very insightful information about the Hospital. I would like to move now to something different and this is Conference Tourism in Kenya; am very glad that you are coming from another industry so you will give us more insights on that. What is your take about the current Conference Tourism in the country? I see huge potential in terms of Conference Tourism because if you walk out of this Hospital now and you go to any of the hotels, you will find that what is keeping them busy is conferencing because the need for human beings to meet and interact has never died despite video conferencing and all that, human beings must still meet and interact. The whole thing about conference tourism is actually to make Nairobi and other cities destinations for conferencing, and by destination it not only means investing in conference facilities in hotels, but developing end to end infrastructure so that people can conveniently fly in and out of airports, there is ease of transportation to venues and creating entertainment hubs, social hubs, cultural hubs as well as shopping hubs that actually attract people. I have noticed nowadays when I travel, conventions and conferencing has actually been branded as tourism, it’s not looked at as pure business, so people go for business and then they also see the country, so we have a lot of collaborative need to synergize and we have not touched the tip of it. What I think is missing is that to actually make this a better destination, we need to re-think and have regional convention centres, have one big one in Nairobi, so that again will make Nairobi a destination of choice, have something in Kisumu, have something in Mombasa, so the capacities of the hotels are not dependent on the size of the meeting rooms which they have in the hotel but rather how many meetings can take place in the city. Then the next question delegates will ask would be where do we stay, and where you stay has got to be safe, well lit, clean, you are able to shop, have your dinner, have your night clubs, whatever it is that people like doing when they are not in the conference. Presently looking at the current market in the country, do you feel like you are on track in achieving the untapped market? We are really on track because I have known people who, when they go to let’s say Kisumu and they have a conference, there is no hotel which can accommodate them so what they are missing is a convention centre, people want to go to Kisumu but the limitation is where can you take five hundred people for one meeting so I think that’s where investors need to think and maybe collaborate on. So yes, it’s untapped in that aspect but also remember Kenya as a destination is much more beautiful than so many other countries in the world, however, I don’t think we appreciate that fact ourselves. When we were discussing you mentioned that you’ve travelled a lot. A little bit. Maybe your little bit could be a lot for many of us, I just want to get your opinion, if you compare these other countries with Kenya when it comes to the same discussion we are having right now, where would you place Kenya? Well, I would say that Kenya still has a lot to do because in Africa, when I think about it, you are looking at Egypt and South Africa. South Africans have got 3 centres: in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg. As you saw recently where Obama went, you could see the kind of set up, we can’t do such a state of art set up here yet. There has got to be a multi-sectoral thinking about the whole idea. Then now we have a new kid on the block who is stealing all the thunder, Kigali, of all places. Uganda did a little bit of that but they did not build a convention centre, you know they had this famous CHOGM (Common Wealth Heads Of Governments Meeting) so they built many hotels, then after the qqueen left the hotels were empty because there is no centre which can drive people to Kampala. Some new hotels coming up are actually convention centres in their own right, so you find people having 2000 bed hotels, basically making the hotel a destination point as it were. I will now move to the core of our discussion, let me call it the new kid on the block, the Convention Centre. Tell us why that move to set up the Convention Centre; what really