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CORPORATE SCENE The Nairobi Hospital Convention Centre CONVENTION CENTRE By Pauline Mwatu T he Nairobi Hospital has recently launched a state of art convention centre, The Nairobi Hospital Convention Centre, entering a new window as a key player in the industry’s MICE sector. Marketing Africa crew had a one on one session with the Hospitals CEO, Mr. Gordon Odundo, on the new kid on the block among other pursuits and brings you an abridged version of the deliberations as captured here- under. Marketing Africa: To start us off, I want you to take us through a brief history of The Nairobi Hospital, tell us where you are coming from, where you are right now, and the plans in the pipeline for the future. Gordon: Thank you for the question and for lending us the opportunity to share our story on the Marketing Africa magazine platform. The Nairobi Hospital as you know was founded just about a decade before Kenya’s independence and primarily it was a Hospital for Europeans only and of course after independence all that changed. The Hospital has its roots from a very small cottage type Hospital to where you see it now. Our capacity presently is between 320-350 beds and here at the Hospital we have all the ranges of services that you can have, and we also have outpatient centres as well. We are proud to have one of the best cancer centres in this country which is actually serving most patients from the region. We have a very active dialysis centre, a buzzing accident & emergency centre supported with advanced radiology, and advanced laboratory services, combined with our in-patient services. We recently opened Specialty Clinics, at our Anderson Centre, which presently are up to 26. That basically helps us use more specialists who may not necessarily have offices on this campus. Other specialists are housed at Doctors Plaza, and some in the old part of the Hospital. Then we now also have 2 floors at The Convention Centre and this has placed all the top specialists in Kenya literally under one roof here. The Anderson Specialty Clinic, housed in the new wing, also has what I call an executive clinic which is for executives who want a lot more privacy than usual. The backbone for us is the Cicely McDonnell College of Health Sciences, which we have had here for more than two decades that helps us produce very good quality nurses because they train with us here and then we employ majority of them. Our location has a lot of strategic importance, not only because we are centrally located in Nairobi as the capital city, but because we can reach out to most All in all, you could say, and correctly so, that The Nairobi Hospital has positioned itself to be the one stop center for everything that you can need medically in this country and beyond 12 MAL25/18 ISSUE suburbs in Nairobi with a lot of ease. This has made it convenient to manage referrals, which we get from neighboring countries. We have outpatient centres at Warwick Centre, Galleria Mall, Rosslyn Riviera Mall and Capital Centre - with plans within the next two months to open new centres, one in Kiambu Mall, Kiambu town and another in Southfield Mall in Embakasi and then eventually we should be able to move into Athi River at the upcoming Crystal Mall, hopefully by early next year, so our plan is actually to extend our services because the population in Nairobi is growing so that as many people as possible can enjoy the quality of services that The Nairobi Hospital has to offer. All in all, you could say, and correctly so, that The Nairobi Hospital has positioned itself to be the one stop centre for everything that you can need medically in this country and beyond. You mentioned something important about the- Specialist Clinics. Will you just name one that is really attracting other patients from other countries? We have recently opened a state of the art ICU or what we call Critical Care Unit (CCU) which I think even globally is of very high standards. This among others are the things that actually reinforce our expertise and also our reputation. It is made even better because all the past Presidents of Kenya are always treated here, present Presidents and I want to say even the future Presidents. (Laughs).