MAKING A DIFFERENCE NEWSLETTER - Issue 3, Volume 17 (Apr 2017) Issue 3, Volume 17 (Sept 2017) - Page 15

Traditional retail business models are changing rapidly with growth through online sales referred to as e-commerce. E-commerce has changed the way consumers shop and make purchases from brick and mortar stores. A storefront is no longer an absolute requirement for having a successful business.

E-commerce has opened doors for entrepreneurs with little to no overhead or capital to go into business and for traditional businesses to expand into online markets. With online sales expected to grow by 23% this year, “How to use E-commerce for Online Market” program was introduced to 15 aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development members.

The E-commerce program focuses on the future demand and opportunities businesses have in the online market.

Participants were given sales permit applications and instructions on how to obtain a sales permit with the Texas Comptroller office for their online business.

Ambitious entrepreneurs were engaged and asked questions about e-commerce, how to start a business, legal structures for their businesses and more.

The following topics were covered:

• Major Market Segments in E-commerce

• History of E-commerce

• Potential Online Business Opportunities

• E-commerce Platforms for Your Business

• Steps to Starting an Online Store

Ongoing support, resources and future programs are in the planning stages. Some clients have already scheduled a one-on-one consultation with Community Economic Development Agent, Nate Peterson, to address their business needs.

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