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Additionally, they provided personalized instructions as the youth completed the project.

Finally the “Kids That Cook” Camp introduced participants to the 4-H Food and Nutrition Project and 4-H Food Challenge Contest. Youth participated in demonstrations and practiced knife skills to prepare a variety of vegetables. They learned about food safety, how to follow a recipe and the My Plate nutrition facts. Each team of five prepared three recipes and competed in a mini food challenge to apply the skills they learned that day.


Food & nutrition camps

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Summertime is an opportunity for youth and adult volunteers to learn something new and get involved in 4-H projects. Several unique, all day camps were offered in Clothing & Textiles and Food & Nutrition to feature some of the most popular 4-H contests. Three Summer Stitches Camps featured clothing construction, quilting and Re-Fashion projects. Participants learned to sew a pair of shorts using a sewing machine; layout and cut patterns; gained skills sewing seams; practiced double turned hems; and inserted elastic waist bands.

The “Tie Dye and Re-fashion” offered youth a chance to explore fashion design by re-fashioning a long sleeved t-shirt and a hooded sweat shirt. Clothing & Textiles contests were introduced including Fashion Show, Fashion Storyboard and Duds to Dazzle. The Summer Stitches Quilt Square Project introduced re-cycling cotton denim jeans and developed skills sewing a book bag. West Houston Quilters Guild collaborated with 4-H to design and mentor youth learning to sew a denim rag quilt square.