MAKING A DIFFERENCE NEWSLETTER - Issue 3, Volume 17 (Apr 2017) Issue 3, Volume 17 (Sept 2017) - Page 11

Landscape workshop

The Earth-Kind® Landscape Management Workshop was a one-day educational session for the green industry presented by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

Earth-Kind Landscaping utilizes research-proven techniques to provide maximum garden and landscape enjoyment while preserving and protecting the environment.

Workshop topics covered

The workshop included the following topics:

• Soils & Soil Amendments

• Earth-Kind Principles

• Landscape Maintenance Practices

• Texas Superstar® Plants & Earth-Kind Plant Trials

• Good Bugs & Bad Bugs: IPM in the Landscape

• 3 TDA CEUs and 4 TNLA CEUs were available

Earth-kind landscaping encouraged participants

The objective of Earth-Kind® Landscaping is to combine the best of organic and traditional gardening and landscaping principles to create a horticultural system based on real world effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Earth-Kind Landscaping Encourages:

• Landscape water conservation

• Reduction of fertilizer and pesticide use

• Landscaping for energy conservation

• Reduction of landscape waste entering landfills