MAKING A DIFFERENCE NEWSLETTER - Issue 2, Volume 18 (May-2018) Issue 2, Volume 18 (May 2018) - Page 6

The Urban Garden Workshop was a wonderful collaboration between Prairie View A&M University-Cooperative Extension Program, Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent (CEP-ANR), Kimberly Perry, and Farmer Joe Icet, the Public Health Educator from the City of Houston. The event was free to the public and helped the residents of Harris County prepare their vegetable garden.

Twenty-five participants learned the basics of how to create a backyard vegetable garden, how to begin a container garden, and where and how to join a community garden. Each participant received a Harris County Planting Guide, a free give away which included a pack of seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and herb and vegetable plants that were donated by Buchanan’s Plant Nursery.

The workshop focused on two topics: How to Set Up a Backyard Vegetable Garden and Community Gardening. How to Set Up a Backyard Vegetable Garden included selecting the best location, recognizing backyard drainage patterns, selecting the type of materials for a backyard garden, and recognizing the difference between helpful garden insects and harmful ones.

Community Gardening was presented by Harris County Master Gardener, Terry Gardner. Participants learned basic facts about where many community gardens were located, how to join a community garden, and the benefits of community gardens.

Harris County 4-H & Youth Development County Agent, Ashley Pellerin, discussed the best plants to grow from a container, along with selecting the best container for each project.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

Urban Garden Workshop

Participants learn urban, community, and container gardening.