MAKING A DIFFERENCE NEWSLETTER - Issue 2, Volume 17 (Apr 2017) Issue 2, Volume 17 (Apr 2017) - Page 6

As the 2016-2017 4-H year began, agents and volunteers explored ways to increase participation in the Foods and Nutrition Project. This is one of the largest 4-H projects that teaches life and culinary art skills. Although it is one of the larger 4-H projects statewide, many clubs lack volunteers who are comfortable leading the project for their club. Hence, the county-wide SPIN club was organized to allow any Harris County 4-H member an opportunity to join and learn more about the project.

Club meetings were held from September 2016 through January 2017, generally on the first Saturday of the month at the Harris County Extension Office. Volunteers and agents conducted sessions on MyPlate, nutrients, serving size, identifying kitchen and cooking utensils, food preparation, healthy food substitutions, food safety, garnishing, calculating cost per serving, social skills, and life skills.

LITTLE CHEFS 4-h spin club

Master wellness

and Local chefs

SPIN Clubs are a great way of involving youth and volunteer leaders on a shorter, but equally intense 4-H experience.

These clubs are considered an organized delivery method for 4-H, and as result, must be chartered.

Harris County Master Wellness Volunteers and local chefs were guest speakers during the Spin Club meetings. They shared information to help the members become comfortable with cooking, prepared them for the Food Challenge, and served as judges during the practice challenges.

During the five month period, over 40 youth and volunteers attended the meetings, gaining a wealth of information to help prepare them for the Harris County 4-H Food Show and Food Challenge. Members were encouraged to share the information with their local clubs.

The experiences and information obtained during the meetings will help members compete in county, district, and state contests - in addition to San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Food Challenge Competitions are great, but we hope we have encouraged and empowered each of the participants to remain healthy, prepare food wisely, and combat the childhood obesity epidemic.

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