MAKING A DIFFERENCE NEWSLETTER - Issue 2, Volume 17 (Apr 2017) Issue 2, Volume 17 (Apr 2017) - Page 10

wisdom, power, & Control

(A Diabetes self-management educational series)

Agent Davis partnered with Duessen Park’s Senior Education Center located at 12303 Sonnier St., Houston, Texas 77044 to implement the Wisdom, Power, Control diabetes educational series to their seniors. Wisdom, Power, Control is an evidence-informed, educational program targeting Type 2 diabetics, pre-diabetics, and their family members. The classes were conducted for 7 weeks with 2 hour weekly meetings.

Approximately 17 seniors attended the weekly sessions with eleven completing the series by attending 6 of the 7 sessions. During the weekly sessions, participants were taught what diabetes is, how to check their blood glucose, how to understand blood glucose ranges, eat healthy with diabetes using the Myplate method, the importance of taking medications that are prescribed, stress management, avoiding diabetes complications, and much more.

Each week participants were assigned homework related to the topic and set personal goals to better manage their diabetes or improve their lifestyle. Samples of homework and goal topics included exercising, reading food labels, counting carb servings, and checking their blood glucose levels. If a participant set a goal, but didn’t achieve it, they were held accountable, but never reprimanded in a negative manner. Classmates provided support, motivation and encouragement to one another. Participants were equipped with knowledge and lifestyle skills to better manage their diabetes.

Diabetes is the 6th leading cause of death in Texas and diabetes related illnesses cost the state more than 29 billion dollars annually. In Harris County, an estimated 10.2% of adults 18 years and older report having diabetes.