Making a Difference Newsletter, Issue 2, Volume 16 (Jul-2016) Issue 2, Volume 16 (July 2016) - Page 4

J Walkers walked 3,565.36 miles - the most miles - in our Harris County Walk Across Texas challenge.

In 2016, Walk Across Texas is celebrating 20 years of motivating individuals to make exercise a part of their daily routine. Walk Across Texas consists of teams of 8 individuals, walking 830 miles over an 8 week period. Other than teams, individual walkers and school classrooms are encouraged to take the Challenge and see how far they can walk.

Research shows that walking helps control weight, boosts energy, improves moods, promotes better sleep, and strengthens bones and muscles. It also helps to combat chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, and diabetes. Participants can use exercise, other than walking, to accumulate miles. This could include dancing, gardening, swimming, cycling or even unconventional methods such as housework.

Two successful Walk Across Texas Challenges, with 121 teams (8 members each) and 20 individual walkers have been conducted in Harris County. Another partnership with MD Anderson will Kick off in June. Walk Across Texas is a great program to initiate healthy physical activity. After being physically active for 8 weeks, individuals have formed the healthy habit and continue being active.

The Walk Across Texas Kick-Off, led by Harris County Agent Dr. Sonja Davis (FCS), was held at the Extension office in April. The event was a fun and engaging. Attendees participated in a scavenger hunt that included identifying various items around the office and conducting various exercises while walking the parking lot.