Making a Difference Newsletter, Issue 2, Volume 16 (Jul-2016) Issue 2, Volume 16 (July 2016) - Page 3

Extension Agents & Specialist

The Tax Day Flood event was said to be a 100 year flood event, but Extension Service has been around for 103 years in Texas so we won’t be washed away by one significant rainfall event. We know Texans turn to Extension for solutions.

Extension agents and specialists respond, not only with answers, but also with resources and services that result in a significant return on investment to boost the Texas economy. The agency custom-designs its programs to make a difference in each Texas community.

Dr. Allen Malone

Harris County Extension Director

Our Legacy

While the flood event has significantly impacted our ability to carry out our mission of providing outreach education to the citizens of Harris County, it cannot stop our rich legacy of providing relevant research-based information to our clientele.

We have temporarily relocated to 1721 Pech Road in the Spring Branch community.