Making A Difference Newsletter, Issue 1, Volume 19 (Spring, Mar 2019) Issue 1, Volume 19 (March) - Page 17

Community Economic Development

“I saw an increase in revenues after attending

2017 The Art of the Startup. I was able to get

insight into how to scale my business better.

The speakers were dynamic and very helpful. I was

able to have a few conversations with several of the

speakers and staff to get personal insight on certain

areas of my business and that was very helpful. As a

result, I am a part of several professional networking

groups that have brought my company more

business and I have been able to share information

that I learned with other entrepreneurs that were

invaluable to them. I had the opportunity to sit with

Mr. Peterson who provided me with documentation

for certifications that would help me as a small

minority business owner. I am thrilled that I decided

to be a part of this event as it has added so much

value to my business and personal life. I am

grateful for this event, and I hope it continues

throughout the years so others can benefit

from this program as I have," stated Prairie

View A&M University grad-student, Gaati Werema.

•Top 10 Things to Starting a Business

•Designing Your App

•Protecting Your Idea

•Funding Your Venture

•3-D Printing

•Creating a Website from Scratch

The Art of the Startup experienced a 30% increase in registration and participation since its implementation in 2017. The CED Unit will continue to innovate the event around current and potential entrepreneurial opportunities for limited-resource communities for years to come. Overall, 90% of the participants were highly satisfied with the quality of the event, location, speakers and looking forward to participating in Harris County's upcoming 2019 CED programs. Participants also received professional folders that contained information about the Cooperative Extension Program and lots of other information from the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences and Texas LLC Filing Forms.

As an agent, I feel achieved when I receive feedback from techpreneurs who, through this program, have been inspired to pursue their dreams. We look forward to seeing more businesses starting and growing through this program.