Making A Difference Newsletter, Issue 1, Volume 19 (Spring, Mar 2019) Issue 1, Volume 19 (March) - Page 12

The 4-H & Urban Youth Development took a trip to the Mickey Leland College Preparatory Academy Environmental Science on November 30, 2018.

The class of 21 visited the Houston Arboretum and the University of Houston-Downtown to experience the daily operations and educational path of an Environmental Scientist. At the Houston Arboretum, students worked with School Program Managers to perform basic water testing procedures and animal/plant surveys.

Students discussed concepts of watersheds, wetlands, chemical and biological elements, physical measurements, bio-indicators, pH testing, and understanding dissolved oxygen testing. As the students performed their environmental assessments, they discovered new exciting insects and plants to continue to research at school.

The second part of the educational tour included a visit to the University of Houston- Downtown (UHD). Students explored the Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability. Amanda Howard, 4-H Urban Youth Program Aide, and UHD students led the students on a tour and answered questions regarding the university admission process, student life, and essential classes needed to pursue a career in environmental science.

Agent: Fralonda Aubrey