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Entrepreneurship 101 is a curriculum that focuses on the basic fundamentals of entrepreneurship by providing research based information and resources to participants who are curious about starting a business.


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CED staff provides small scale agricultural producers technical assistance and small business counseling that support profitable and sustainable business operations. Our staff provides group training that includes farm planning, farm income, alternative crops, niche markets, product quality, product distribution, farm policies, global markets, debt management, accounting, business management and financial forecasting for small farmers.

ommunity Economic Development (CED) Agent, Nate Peterson, partnered with Alfredo Alberto, Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Agent, The Harbor Light Center-Salvation Army Men’s Unit, and collaborated with Baylor Teen Clinic and Helflin Elementary to conduct “Entrepreneurship 101”. The presentation supplemented the Coorperative Extenson Program- FCS current series on Money Management hosted at the location.

The curriculum also covers the pros/cons of being an entrepreneur and includes a survey polling participants interested in entrepreneurship based on their personal skills, interests and passions. Thirty-six participants learned the fundamentals and advantages/disadvantages of starting a business. Many of them actually owned a business before. Participants learned how to turn their past experiences, passions or talents into a successful business. The program also included handouts and a short assessment.

The presentation supplemented the Cooperative Extension Program - FCH current series on Money Management hosted at the location. Clients were provided information and resources about starting a business and the various components on entrepreneurship including:

• The Definition of an Entrepreneur

• Myths about Entrepreneurship

• 10 Steps to Start a Business

• 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

• Traits and Skills of Successful Entrepreneurs

• Resources

• Group discussions

Clients were engaged and asked numerous questions about how to start a business and shared ideas on the types of business they would like to start. Quite a few clients shared past experiences on how they started a business including lesson learned, successes, and failures along the way.

Primarily the Community & Economic Development (CED) staff offers professional consultation and technical assistance for entrepreneurs and community organizations looking to start or expand their operations.

Growing Ideas. Impacting Lives”