MAKING A DIFFERENCE NEWSLETTER - Issue 1, Vol 17 (Jan. 2017) Issue 1, Volume 17 (Jan. 2017) - Page 8


Sustainable Communities Project

4-H National Headquarters, in conjunction with NASA, provided an opportunity for Texas 4-H students from the Cooperative Extension Program (CEP) in Dallas and Harris Counties to participate in a media day with Astronaut Peggy Whitson (an Iowa 4-H Alum). 4-Her’s from Community Youth Development Leadership 4-H (Dallas County) and Tiger Botz 4-H (Harris County) participated in the Media Day had the opportunity to have lunch with former 4-Her’s who are now NASA engineers, and attend the media day press conference. During the press conference the 4-H delegation was acknowledged by the host of the press conference, and provided an opportunity for the 4-Her’s to ask the Astronauts questions. Once the press conference was over Ashley Chavez from Harris County and Fatima Flores from Dallas County had an opportunity to interview Mrs. Whitson, who will be leading the team made up of France and Russia on the upcoming mission to the International Space Station.

The Cooperative Extension Program also provided a day of STEM education for students from Hartsfield Elementary who visited Space Center Houston. While there, they learned about the history of the space program and the effects space travel can have on the human body. Students ended the day with a visit to see Rocket Park which houses the Saturn V rocket.

Astronaunts Ignite Dreams of 4-H Students