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Texans turn to Extension for solutions. Extension agents and specialists respond, not only with answers, but also with resources and services that result in a significant return on investment to boost the Texas economy. The agency custom-designs its programs to make a difference in each Texas community.

Dr. Allen Malone

Harris County Extension Director

Well, I can inform you that the Harris County Extension team is back and ready to continue its business of providing non-formal outreach education to the citizens of Harris County. The initial kickoff to recovery took place in December with a ribbon cutting ceremony for invited guests and was followed by an open house for the public.

The Extension programs in Harris County are available to all of its citizens and are designed to assist with a numbered of educational initiatives, from the best plants for your landscape to controlling your sugar intake in management of diabetes. If you are interested in learning more about the predominantly free educational opportunities awaiting you, please join us at one of our upcoming programs.

The “Tax Day Flood” of 2016 temporarily displaced the Harris County Extension staff. With the historic rainfall, and accumulation within the Addicks Reservoir, a minimum of 2 feet of water intruded the Extension office for the first time in its 30 year history. Like any natural disaster recovery effort, the Harris County Extension program began its recovery effort immediately after the storm. “We lost everything,” one staff member said. “We are definitely going to have to start over.”

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