MAKING A DIFFERENCE NEWSLETTER - Issue 1, Vol 17 (Jan. 2017) Issue 1, Volume 17 (Jan. 2017) - Page 11

Agricultural Immersion Tour

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21 Cristo Rey Advance Placement (AP) Environmental Health Students participated in the Finca Tres Robles, Agricultural Immersion Tour. Farm owner, Mr. Thomas Garcia-Prat began the day with a walking tour of the two year old farm. Mr. Garcia-Prats explained how the farm operates on a daily basis and provided a wealth of information about the farm’s set-up, composting and soil prep, plant selections, and organic vs. non-organic farming.

Students engaged in weeding, prepping seedlings, sifting compost, and planting sweet potato seedlings. Students also harvested produce to prepare black bean and kale salad consisting of fresh kale, beets, sweet pepper, green onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and black bean. Lunch was fresh, nutritious, and delicious. Farm engineer, Daniel Garcia-Prats provided a presentation on agri-business and economics as it relates to functions of farming. Students also engaged in discussions on food deserts in urban areas and ways to enhance sustainability for urban communities.