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Student Finance

What is Student Finance?

Student loans or student grants for tuition fees and living costs, extra help, student loan repayments.

What you need to know:

- The maximum tuition fees that publicly-funded universities and colleges can charge students annually is currently £9,250.

- The amount they can charge you depends on where you currently live and where you’d like to study.

- Tuition fee loans go directly to your university or college and not to your bank account. You only start repaying these, along with any maintenance loans you have taken out, once you’ve completed your studies and started earning above a certain amount.

There are a number of other living costs you’ll need to pay for while you’re a student. These include costs for: accommodation, food, travel, books and study materials.

Deadline= 27 May

For more information on student finance, visit:

or ask a member of the Sixth Form team.