Magazines Winter 2017 - Page 13

ASQ Business Work


The students in the Year 12 Advanced Specialist Qualification Business class have recently seized the opportunity to gain some useful work experience in the form of a weekly placement at a company of their choice. Two students, Amie Bunnage (Jarrolds) and Sophie MacAllan (The Lively Crew), spoke to us about their experience.

Why did you choose your company?

Amie: I chose Jarrolds because it is family-orientated, I am interested in the brands and it is well established. It also allows me to further my business knowledge I learn in class and get real life experience.

Sophie: I wanted to gain more experience in marketing, so The Lively Crew were a great choice as they improve my organisational skills and allow me to gain more awareness of a business environment.

What do you do on your placement?

Amie: I analyse sales data, mostly looking at profits and losses. I then work within a team to create future forecasts and set targets for what needs to be done in the next week. I deal with customers, and I send spare stock back to the depot if needed. I have a wide range of roles which is great.

Sophie: I advertise for businesses, arrange packaging to be sold to consumers, and I write information on the Broadland website. I also help to make cups of tea - it might seem small but it's essential!

How do you think this will help your employability skills?

Amie: I want to work in retail or business management. Before I begun my placement I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do, so this has really helped solidify it for me. It has also furthered my skills with customers, and given me experience of a demanding job.

Sophie: I want to work in business management, either after university or an apprenticeship. I hope to manage a successful company in the long term, and doing my placement at The Lively Crew has given me an insight into how this might be, and also given me skills which I will build on in the future.

Well done to all the students currently taking part in their placements!