Magazines Winter 2017 - Page 11

Dave Rowntree

On Friday 1 December, iconic rock band Blur's drummer visited the school. Ben Lock (Year 13 Music student) tells us all about it:

Meeting Dave Rowntree was a great experience. In the time that we spent with him he talked about his life in Blur, taking us through the musical side and business side of what being in a band that achieved the success they did was like.

One specific story I remember him telling is of the writing and recording of ‘Song 2’ probably best known for being the “Woohoo” song. He talked about how when they first recorded the song the words were just random mumbles that the singer said for the band to play along to while recording and that they were going to write and re-record proper lyrics for the song. What ended up happening is that they wrote the proper lyrics but didn’t feel that they had the same effect as the mumbles they had originally intended to get rid of so they kept them in. Of course this ended up being one of their biggest songs and probably the most commercially successful of their career (being used in no end of adverts).

Overall It was great to learn about the music business from someone who had experienced it and still saw into what was happening in it today.