Magazine Without Borders - Page 8

A very bad night That was a stormy night. A girl was alone in her grand-parent’s house. This house was big and isolated in the middle of a field. She was alone because her grad-parents were at the theatre. Therefore she was watching a scary film on the TV. Suddenly, the TV and the lights turned off. The electricity may have been cut for a maintenance. She was alone in silence, just with the noise of the clock. She took a book. Then she was reading when she heard a noise on the second floor. Consequently, she was a little bit scared but she thought that was maybe a cat or the wind. Later at night, there were more and more lightnings, she was reading when she heard someone or something go downstairs on the first floor, where she was. She was more scared and she said: “Who is here? … I may have been crazy, it’s nothing. I will call my grand-parents to know if they have a cat…” But there was no electricity so when she tried to call she couldn’t. She was lonely and she started to be afraid, then she found a newspaper on a table and she read the title: “A serial killer is free, be careful!” She became very afraid and so sad. Suddenly, when there was a lightning, she saw a shadow on the wall and it came to her. At the same time, her grand-parents opened the door and heard the scream of a girl, they ran upstairs and saw some blood on the floor… but… nobody... Tadiello Romain 2E (France) Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 8