Magazine Without Borders - Page 7

Short stories and poems A strange journey Table of contents   It was a day like the others. John Cake woke up and went to eat. He looked out of the window and he saw that it was a day of rainstorm. He thought that he had to be careful because he was a taxi driver. So he went outside and he began his work. The sky was black and there wasn’t a soul out there. Papers flew everywhere. John drove a woman to a pub and she said:   “Have you heard the terrible new?” John answered: “No, what has happened?” “There are problems in the cemetery of Paris. The dead aren’t there anymore, they disappeared…” she said. “It may have been a joke!” he laughed.   After several journeys, it was the end of the day. He received a call from an old woman who wanted to go to the cemetery. He hesitated but he accepted. They arrived at the cemetery. She asked him to wait for her. She went into the cemetery. He was waiting in his car. The night was falling. The time seemed long to him. The news on the radio said that everybody had to stay at home, it was an obligation, a crazy girl had escaped from an asylum. He turned off the radio. John was more and more worried. He was falling asleep when he saw the old woman came slowly. She opened the door and settled down on the seat. John looked at her in the mirror and he said: “You have something red around your mouth. It’s strange.” “I know. Can I tell you a secret?” she asked. “Well…yes…” he answered. There was a silence…And she screamed: “I eat the dead!!!” Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 7