Magazine Without Borders - Page 66

April 2014 Catholic School As children and adults we all have times when we feel lonely, in being criticised and scolded. Help me to accept criticism and unfairness as you did, and not complain. Help me to pray for those who have hurt me. Second Station—Jesus carries his cross Jesus, as you carried your cross, you knew you would carry it to your death but you accepted it and carried it just the same. As children and adults we all have times when things don't go our way, or when we feel unappreciated. Help me to carry my own cross, in knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Help me to pray for strength when times are hard. Third Station—Jesus falls for the first time Jesus, the cross you have been carrying is very heavy and you fall down. Yet nobody seems to want to help you. As children and adults we all have times when we get tired and give up, or hurry what we are doing. Help me to persist in my endeavours and the tasks you have called us to do. Fourth Station—Jesus meets his mother Jesus, you feel so alone with all those people yelling and screaming at you. You don't like the words they are saying about you, and you look for a friendly face in the crowd. You see your mother. She can't make the hurting stop, but it helps to see that she is on your side, that she is suffering with you. She does understand and care. As a child, sometimes I feel like too many things are going on. Sometimes other kids pick on me and call me names. I need to look around me for a friendly face, and for the help I need. I need to share my troubles with those who truly care about me. As an adult I sometimes feel overwhelmed by many things. Life is so competitive, and I worry so much about my future and those who have some control over it. I need to remember that being an adult does not mean having to solve every problem all by myself. I need to look around me for a friendly face, for the help I need. Jesus most suffering, Mary Mother most sorrowful, if, by my sins, I caused you pain and anguish in the past, by God's assisting grace it shall be so no more; rather be you my love henceforth till death. Magazine Without Borders 9 Issue n°2 66