Magazine Without Borders - Page 65

St John Payne C Where is the snow, where could it be, it snowed in Sochi but not in England. I wish it snowed; it would have been fun... It was a cold, misty morning in February and Phil had been watching the Winter Olympics which was taking place in Sochi. Unluckily, it wasn't snowing in England. Just before he went to bed, he looked through his window at the dark, cloudy and star infested sky. Suddenly, a shooting star flew past the window as if a rocket blasted through the sky. Phil wished to himself "Why can’t it snow like in Sochi? I want a day off school! ", he then fell into a deep sleep dreaming of snow. The following morning, his mum woke him up saying "You’re a very lucky boy Phil!" "Why mum?" exclaimed Phil. "Look out your window, see for yourself!” she answered. "What?" questioned Phil extremely confused. He rushed to his window and saw the crystal untouched sheet of snow and thought to himself "What an amazing day!” Then it suddenly dawned upon him, his dreams had been answered. He gets dressed as quickly as possible and gets deeply filled with joy by playing in the snow all day. This story is about a boy who wished it would snow and his dream came true. This story teaches you that wishes can come true if you believe. By Matthew Miller During the Easter holidays many of us will be celebrating Holy Week, the most important week in the Christian calendar. Within the school we celebrate this very important time before Easter through our Lenten service which is run by our amazing Chaplain Hannah and her wonderful team of helpers and of course Mr Healey and his fantastic band and choir. At this very holy time we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, when he gave his life for us that we might live. We asked a few students to create some special prayers at this very important and special time, in order to help us to reflect on our faith a little bit more. First Station—Jesus is condemned Jesus, you stood all alone before Pilate with nobody to speak up for you. You devoted your entire life to helping others, caring for those who were ignored by others. Magazine Without Borders 8 Issue n°2 65