Magazine Without Borders - Page 64

Catholic School Review Corner SJP BREAKS FREE ANOTHER SHOW BITES THE DUST M agic, music and mayhem exploded within the walls of Saint John Payne last month. Gone were the gangs of nicely-dressed auto-tuned celebs, and for 3 nights and 3 nights only- the electric sounds of pure unadulterated rock music. It was of course- the fabulous, self-expressive musical of ‘Schools Will Rock You’. Complete with the greatest hits of the musical phenomenon Queen, it certainly was a performance to remember. In a world where music has lost all originality and meaning, it’s up to a group of young rebels to restore the true spirit of rock. The production included two casts, each complete with a set of dedicated leading roles, not to mention the enthusiastic efforts of the show’s chorus. It had been in progress since the beginning of the school year, with numerous rehearsals each week- even the occasional weekend rehearsal. From the experience of one of the leads from the younger cast, I can say that this year’s show was truly unique and exciting. Moreover, it coincided with another great achievementQueen breaking the record with 6 million records of their ‘Greatest Hits’ album being sold. It is now predicted that 1 in every 3 households now own a copy. By Frankie Rhodes Magazine Without Borders 5 Issue n°2 64