Magazine Without Borders - Page 55

2) His others successes He plays in a lot of other films: -Samba -De l'Autre côté du Périph -Safari -Jurassic World -X-Men: Days of Future Past -Lascars -Les Tuches -Astérix & Obélix Mission Cléopatra -Le Boulet Most of these films are famous. He met a lot of famous people as Kad Merad or Fançois Cluzet in his films.   II / Omar & Fred Omar Sy and Fred Testot met at Radio Nova thanks to Jamel Debbouze in 1997. They started in 2000 by animating the Visiophon in “Nulle part ailleurs” (A French TV program diffused to 1987 from 2001). In 2005, they created the “Service après-vente des emissions”. In 2007 they doubled the voices of Alister Fletcher and Zip in Tomb Raider Legend and in 2008 they made their sketch “Omar et Fred, le spectacle”. In 2010 they made a song: Bleu Blanc Rouge to support the French football team. In 2012, they decided to stop Omar et Fred, due to a lot a propositions in films and in 2014 they made the publicity of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 55