Magazine Without Borders - Page 53

Metal Hi ! We are french students, we are going to introduce you a kind of rock music : metal. We've been listening to it for two years, and enjoy this genre of music because we like the rythm and the lyrics, we can't explain what we feel by listening to it but we love it. This music is special so it is not always appreciated by people. Thus it is not the best kind of music for a party. We listen to metal in our free time, and before sleeping it is very good for falling asleep fastly. Concerts are a bit expensive, that's why we have never been to one. Metal is based on the instrumentation: there are bass, guitar, drums So these are some of our favorite bands in differents metal's styles : 1- Nu Metal System Of a Down : Chop Suey : Toxicity : Korn : Blind : Falling away from me : Slipknot : Psychosocial : Devil in I : /!\ sensitives souls don't look it 2- Industrial Metal Rammstein : Du hast : Keine Lust : Marilyn Manson : This is the new shit : 3- Trash metal Metallica : EnterSandman : Sad but true : Slayer : Bloodilne : 4- Alternative Metal Three Days Grace : Animal I have become : I hate everything about you : 5- Power Metal Helloween : I want out : World of war :$* Turck Romain Quiniou Lucas Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 53