Magazine Without Borders - Page 43

Our opinion about Charlie Hebdo's actuality Introduction : That was the 7th January 2015, terrorists came on Charlie Hebdo and killed 12 people. After that, all people reacted differently : some were afraid, some angry, some remained silent... A slogan was created and it said “Je suis Charlie” (= I'm Charlie) and a lot of people took this slogan on the manifestations. Now we will give you our personal opinions about this attack and we let you write your opinions. Aurélien Masse's opinion : Everyone was united with Charlie Hebdo and the family of victims. Everybody had a paper with “Je suis Charlie” in white. It's very important to have this paper because that means that you're against terrorism. The terrorists killed 12 people just because they didn't agree with the idea of Charlie Hebdo. I think it's not a good reason to kill 12 people. I'm shocked with that so I'm Charlie. Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 43