Magazine Without Borders - Page 39

Boys bands We're going to talk about boys bands, principally in the UK. We're going to explain you how they are composed and why we love them. That phenomenon is huge and some groups became very famous. We are coming to tell you first groups and since when that phenomenon of music exist. Creation of boys bands The first wave appareared at the end of the 80s, mainly with froups Bros,Fun,New Kids on the Block and the Pasadenas. A second wave of boys bands arrived in the first half of the 90s with take that and east 17 among others. Then in 1996 many groups illustrated Worlds Apart, 3T, Boyzon, MN8, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC. The French groups appareared with 2BE3, G-Squad, Alliage, Linkinkud and other groups. In 2000 this groups declinded. My colleague will explain you why we love them. Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 39