Magazine Without Borders - Page 33

A firewall is a program that controls incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Most operating systems come with firewalls. In order to keep your computer and information safe, it is important to keep the firewall on at all times when accessing the internet to prevent unauthorized access. Users are also able to control which specific programs are allowed through the firewall as well as those that are not. Keeping up-to-date Many computer software, such as operating systems, are not without flaws. Computer viruses often take advantage of these flaws to gain unauthorized access to a user's computer. When these security vulnerabilities are discovered they are often patched with security updates to eliminate the vulnerability. Operating systems, anti-viruses, and any other programs should be kept up-to-date with the newest security updates in order to keep viruses and harmful software from taking advantage of exploits that have been fixed with updates. Avoid scams Be cautious of the internet. Avoid misleading ads, strangers with offers, strange e-mails, and questionable websites. Do research to verify the validity of these offers. If someone you know is sending you messages that don’t seem like themselves, their account may have been taken over by somebody trying to get information out of you.[7] The best way to avoid scams is to be fully informed of the deal. Do some research for the following information:[8]  How exactly does the offer work?  How trustworthy is the person/company making the offer?  What was the experience for other users regarding the same offer?  Is the offer too good to be true?  Does the offer require payment in advanced?  Are there hidden costs unknown to the user? Avoid illegal activity Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 33