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Meal of the day Table of contents We're going to introduce you a meal with specialities of some French regions. For the starter, we choose snails from Bourgogne, Chartres paste from Centre and onion soup from Paris, in Ilede-France. The main course is sauerkraut from Alsace. Like cheese, there are 'maroilles' from Nordpas-de-Calais, 'cantal' from Auvergne and 'roquefort' from Midi-Pyrénnées. The dessert will be fluted from Aquitaine, pink biscuit of Reims, from Ardennes and plums pie from Lorraine. You can choose to drink cider from Normandie, Breizh Cola from Bretagne or vine 'château Neuf du Pape' from Vallée du Rhône. And the digestive is a Cognac from Charentes. Léa, Léonie and Margaux. France Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 3