Magazine Without Borders - Page 22

St John Payne C By Colm Keilliher 9C Recent studies have revealed that young people’s lives are more difficult than their parents. Children in past generations could play outdoors easily, however, nowadays, there are restrictions as to where young people can play. One individual told us “we used to be able to play hockey in the streets... but now, kids have to find specific areas to play in.” Another child informed us that he had to walk one mile to get to an area he was allowed to play in. Many claim this will “have a very negative impact on the social lives of our young people today” as they will also get less exercise because of this. Students today also constantly complain about the amount of work as well as homework that they are “bombarded” with. One child stated that “on many occasions, I had to spend an entire Saturday or Sunday completing my homework.” Furthermore this has a huge impact on the level social interaction and exercise each child gets. In the past little homework was given and children were generally fitter and happier. Is this a sign of the hardships the children today have to face? When students complete their education, there are few jobs for them to apply for. Countless people stated that jobs were so difficult to find that they continued to live with their parents, as they couldn’t afford to purchase accommodation of their own. Numerous young people also complete their education, only to find out there are no jobs out there for them. It is an “outrage” and a “severe disappointment” for them. But what can we do to help them? For the time being, the answer lies in Parliament. Magazine Without Borders 2 Issue n°2 Table of contents 22