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 Not smoking will make you instantly more attractive. Most people prefer kissing non-smokers. Read what some hot male celebrities, including footballers Joe Cole, Les Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo, think about girls who smoke. Ways to get through quitting ! You want to give up, so where do you start? 1. Make a deal with good friends to quit. You may find that they want to quit as well. 2. It’s very hard to give up by willpower alone. Get all the help you can find: 12 to 18- 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. year-olds get free nicotine replacement therapy (patches, sprays, gum) on the NHS. Ask your GP for help stopping smoking. They won’t be shocked that you’re a smoker. Smokers often hate other people quitting, so be prepared for a few put-downs. It’s a good idea to have something ready to say when you’re offered a cigarette. Here are a few reasons (but we’re sure you can think of better ones): "Smoking costs me £xxx a year. I’m giving up so I can buy myself a new mobile/driving lessons/a holiday." "I can’t smoke in my new weekend job so I want to give up." "My boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like kissing a smoker." It’s true: two-thirds of teenagers say smoking reduces sexual attractiveness. "I’m taking my sport seriously and I need to give up if I want to be an athlete." Prepare for a tough few days when you first quit. Most people find that the first days are the hardest to cope with. But most of your withdrawal symptoms should subside after the first four weeks. Using nicotine gum and patches (NRT) is the best way to cope with cravings. 9. Worried about weight gain while you’re quitting? Load your bag up with low-calorie snacks, such as apple chips, carrot sticks, mints, popcorn or chewing gum, to get you through the cravings. Read more about how you can quit smoking without putting on weight. Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 20