Magazine Without Borders - Page 13

OBICI SCHOOL Obici school is a high school situated in Oderzo (Treviso) in the North East of Italy. In this school you can choose among 4 addresses: 1) GRAPHIC DESIGN, where you can study graphic subjects like Art History, Art and computer science. 2) MECHANIC, where you can study mechanic subjects like Autocad, simulating factory job and specifical subjects. 3) SOCIAL AND HEALTH STUDIES, where you can study psychology, human science and medical subjects. 4) COMMERCIAL AND TOURISM, where you can study a lot of languages, laws and economy. Lessons are from Monday to Saturday from 7:55 A.M. to 1:10 P.M. At eleven o’clock there is a break. On graphic address you stay at school in the afternoon for three hours, but only once a week. Inside the school there are students rappresentatives who are elected by students themselves once a year. They organize events and assemblies, where all students of school talk about the problems and look for new ideas to have a better school. They also organize school parties like the “Art day” and the Christmas Party. In these parties the student organize what they have to do: there is music with a DJ, people can dance and you can bring foods and drinks at school. This is our school and we will be happy you could see us one day. Omar Marcuzzo Riccardo Gobbo Magazine Without Borders Issue n°2 13