Magazine Without Borders - Page 10

St John Payne C War Weather The things you see at war, Pitter patter on my window pane, The hate and the fear, The sweat and the tears, Oh no, not more rain! The love all gone, The fields are already saturated, Ripped away by war. And the towns and houses are flooded; War is a burden that won't go away, It is a song that keeps playing, When will it ever stop falling? Over and over, taking more victims each time. When will the sun start shining? War is full of guns and death, We want the winter to end, Of which hurts people all around. War is the night sky, never-ending, And the summer to be our friend. Never letting in any light or hope, We want to feel the sun’s rays on our skin, But when a ray of sunshine finally appears, The heat and warmth to begin. It’s too late. Too much war and fear, I love the summer the best, The light came too late, It’s the best season, better than the rest. And now everyone is possessed with hate, By Alannah Moore The reason for this, Is the war. By anonymous Magazine Without Borders 4 Issue n°2 Table of contents 10