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THE DELIGHT OF THE COMMITTED LIFE From the Archives March 12th 1987 Excerpt Sermon by Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes-Vann Edited by Jacqueline Bourne Sacrifice is one of the most misunderstood words in Christendom. The word sacrifice is often used to initiate a guilt trip. Believers are often told that they have to give more money, more time and more service. It seems like one could never sacrifice enough. Sacrificing or not sacrificing should never make us feel guilty or unworthy in the sight of the Lord. He has made it very clear that he doesn’t need us giving to him if it isn’t done from a pure heart. We have put ourselves under that bondage because we haven’t understood what real sacrifice is all about. Sacrifice is very closely related to commitment. They are so closely related that we can say they are “kissing cousins.” Sacrifice always means a willingness to make good based on our allegiance to Jesus Christ. We want to sacrifice because of the love we have for him. Outside of loving him, He doesn’t want our sacrifice. Sacrificing, loving him causes us to act positively toward what He represents. Without that real love there can be no real sacrifice. Have you noticed that what we call sacrificing to give to him, belongs to him anyway? He gets no delight in us giving him what is already his, especially when our heart isn’t in it. God wants our giving to be based on our love for him. It 4 LOH Magazine / February 2016 indicates us having a single mind devotion to do what is necessary to live out our faith. Sacrifice calls our priorities into focus. Sacrifice is also priority centered, it teaches us to make sure our priorities are lined up right. When we sacrifice, what is important rises to the top, and other things are set aside .It shows the place of the Kingdom of God in our lives in relation to other things. Where does it fit? We say, “I thank God I have been translated from darkness into light.” What does that really mean to you? How important is that to you? The fact that we have been translated out of darkness into light and are now in the Kingdom of God has to be top priority in our lives. If it isn’t, we are just marking time and are like a sounding brass and tinkling cymbal. The fact that we have now been planted in another Kingdom ought to be of foremost importance to us. And it ought to be so em