Magazine for FINAL2 Mar. 2016{ Fall/Winter Issue) - Page 3

08 20 letter from the editor JACKIE PERRY After a brief hiatus, the staff of the Lighthouse of Hope Magazine are proud to be able to bring you another edition of a long-awaited issue. As another Black History Month has closed and many of the activities and celebrations have ended, it is becoming increasingly clear that more vigilance will be required in order to ensure that Black History remains alive and serves the needs of people everywhere. Philosophers have long conceded that every man has two educations: “that which is given to him, and the other that which he gives himself”. It is our hope that this issue will serve as a resource for the education that you will continue to provide for yourself now that Black History Month has ended. Carter G. Woodson once said, “What we are merely taught seldom nourishes the mind like that which we teach ourselves.” It is our prayer that you will receive greater insights into our church heritage as well as our natural heritage and understand and appreciate the past and be able to readily embrace the future. Again, welcome back to the Lighthouse of Hope!