BBRS Insights Newsletter Insights Summer 2015

SUMMER 2015 INSIGHTS BBRS, CCI KICK OFF BBNC CORPORATE TRAINING INITIATIVE Parent company Bristol Bay Native Corporation has implemented a corporate-wide training initiative, in which the BBRS human resources team will be providing annual training to about 4,000 employees across the enterprise. CCI’s management team was the first group to participate in The CCI branded construction subsidiaries of BBNC were the the BBNC corporate initiative, where BBRS will provide annual training to 4,000 employees first to take advantage of the opportunity. Michael Redmond, BBRS senior manager, HR field support, and BBNC VP of Human Resources Rick Baird presented courses on Fundamentals of Supervision and Enriching the Native Way of Life for 15 members of CCI’s management team at their recent strategic business meeting in San Antonio, Texas. “One of our most important assets is our employees,” said CCI President and CEO Duncan Morrison. “Our managers have a variety of management experience, from new supervisors to a former Navy Captain. They all participated and were able to, in a positive way, draw on real-life examples and get feedback on their actions. The course material was customized and flexible, based on the needs of our team and identified future HR support opportunities.” BBRS will deliver required training for both managers and their employees. Courses include ethics and business conduct and harassment avoidance, as well as Enriching Our Native Way of Life, a module on Alaska Native culture and the corporation’s overall mission. Training is conducted by live presentation, or via webinars or online platforms. “We work directly with executives to determine the best delivery and message for their employees,” Redmond said. “Our goal is to ensure every employee has the opportunity to learn in a positive environment, providing them with the knowledge they need to focus and excel in their jobs.” Growing rapidly over the past decade in multiple regions, Morrison immediately recognized the value of the training initiative to develop a baseline of skills and expectations. Continued on back page