New Zealand Commercial Design Trends Series NZ Commercial Design Trends Vol. 32/02C - Page 78

Project City Impact Church Classrooms Location: Browns Bay, Auckland Architect: Babbage Consultants HOME MEETS SCHOOL The major upgrade to City Impact Church started with six new classrooms and grew to add further facilities – designed to be extremely child-friendly School design of any flavour is about merging efficient classroom learning with a reassuring sense of place for the students. One way to achieve this is to create large, open-plan spaces, but another is to create a more contained, cosy, homely feel. City Impact Church School is a Christian school on the church’s North Shore campus. When it came to a major expansion, the church asked Babbage Consultants to achieve a homely, human scale to the addition, says Babbage director Richard Elliott. “This project grew almost before our eyes. Project-managed by Varitus Construction with Syd Jones at the helm, the addition was initially for six new classrooms – one a science classroom – a linking glass corridor, and an external walkway. The science lab needed to be designed to a standard suitable for students taking the Cambridge exams. “However, this was only part of the story, as an administration and reception centre were added during the design process. Then, with work already underway, two further classrooms and a library were incorporated into the design.” Various ramps and a sheltered walkway were added to bridge level differences and create links to