The CSGA Links Volume 1 Issue 6 September, 2013 - Page 28

Rules Walkthrough Rules Walkthrough T Make Your Move he photo here shows a competitor on the 14th hole during the 73rd Four-Ball Championship at the Course at Yale. The player’s ball lies on a dirt cart path and he is seeking help from official Ron Drapeau to discuss his relief options. According to the Rules of Golf, an artificially surfaced road or path is an obstruction to which relief is granted. However, in the picture illustrated here, the area is simply a worn dirty area where carts have driven. Such is the case when the competitor can refer to the CSGA “Hard Card”, which includes Local Rules and Conditions for CSGA Competitions. One of such conditions details “Roads and Paths”, deeming all improved roads, paths and their extensions to be obstructions, whether or not they are artificially surfaced. In this case, relief is granted! Unfortunately for this competitor, we’re not done yet. The competitor is entitled to the nearest point of relief, plus one club length, from this path. However, the nearest point of completer relief brings him into the knee-high fescue to his right. In this case, it is important to remember that the nearest point of relief is just that- one point. It is not a choice, regardless of where that one point is. Weighing his options, the golfer decided to play the ball as it lies, and was able to save his par. When faced with a situation like this, be sure to weigh your options before deciding to take relief picking up your ball. In this case, it saved the competitor at least a stroke! 28 Connecticut State Golf Association