Networks Europe Mar-Apr 2019 - Page 10

10 NEWS IN BRIEF Riello UPS Extends Best-Selling Sentinel Dual Range Riello UPS expands its popular Sentinel Dual (SDU) series with a move incorporates three new models – the SDU 4000, SDU 8000 TM, and SDU 10000 TM – to provide an expanded power range from 4-10 kVA. Just like the existing 5, 6, 8, and 10 kVA versions, these new additions are designed to handle high-density non-linear loads, making them the ideal solution for protecting mission- critical IT networks and sever rooms, along with sensitive electro-medical devices and industrial equipment. The versatile new SDU 8000 TM and SDU 10000 TM uninterruptible power supplies can also operate with a three-phase or single-phase input. The expanded Sentinel Dual range offers users a wide choice of operating modes, such as ECO Mode – which increases efficiency to 98% – or Frequency Converter Mode, which enables the input and output frequency to differ. Up to three SDUs can be installed in parallel to provide either increased capacity or redundancy. The online UPS systems are manufactured with advanced components designed to perform even at stress-inducing temperatures of up to 40 o C, while they also feature fans that are digitally- controlled depending on the load, which helps to minimise noise. n Uptime not a priority despite suffering data centre downtime Secure I.T. Environments delivers a containerised data centre for a leading UK retailer Secure I.T. Environments Ltd has completed a range of works for one of the country’s best-known retailers including the provision of one of its industry-leading ModCel Containerised Data Centres as a new primary data centre. The project included all related groundworks, including underground ducting for services, inspection pits, and laying diverse cable routes for power supplies and fibre across more than 500m of land. Additionally, Secure I.T. Environments was asked to conduct a full structural cabling audit of the existing IT infrastructure, and upgrade the existing site’s power supply, UPS, air conditioning, access control and security systems. The new data centre will greatly improve the resilience of the retailer’s logistics network, which is entirely dependent on its IT infrastructure to meet the delivery requirements of its stores and customers, an area where failures can have a direct impact on sales, customer satisfaction. The highly competitive nature of the retail sector means retailers must do all they can to shore up their IT infrastructure, avoiding bottlenecks and points of critical failure in their supply chains. The ModCel Containerised Data Centre specification for this project included Resilient Data Centre energy efficient air-conditioning in N+1 configuration, Riello MPW UPS, a built-in 65KVA generator, 252U of server space, raised access flooring, environmental monitoring, biometric access control, CCTV and Novec fire suppression. n Guaranteed uptime failed to break into the top three of CEO and IT professional’s priorities, despite almost half (46%) of businesses saying they had suffered data loss in the past 12 months, according to a new report. On a scale of one to ten, CEOs and IT managers said securing compa- ny data (8.34), customer data (8.3) and infrastruc- ture security (8) were bigger priorities for their businesses than guaranteed uptime (7.95). The ‘Data Loss and Downtime are putting Hybrid and Edge Computing Strategies at Risk’ report, commissioned by Volta Data Centres, revealed the issue of data loss may stem from IT compromises. UK businesses admitted to making cutbacks on critical IT infrastructure in the past year, in order to meet budget requirements, with flexibility (31%) and guaranteed uptime (27%) the top fac- tors businesses are having to surrender. Only 9% of businesses said they have had to make compro- mises over security. Other critical areas businesses had to compromise in order to stay within budget included choice of carrier (23%) adequate cooling systems (22%), cyber security (22%) and power source reliability (20%). Speaking on the results, Jon Arnold, Managing Director at Volta Data Centres said: “Security is rightly a top concern for businesses, and it’s good to see that uptime comes a close second. Howev- er, with the research showing a huge number of companies experiencing data loss from downtime, are companies actually following through with what they consider as high priority?” He added, “With recent high-profile companies experiencing issues due to downtime, and the business impact of this, should there not be an equal priority for both security and uptime?” n