The Fisherman's Journal Volume Three - Issue XI - Page 70

sale today?” And the never ending replies. Ding, “Not today, it’s tomorrow.” Ding, “Only on pink fluffy hair thingy’s.” Ding, “I have an extra 15% off coupon, do you need it?” Ding, Ding, Ding. I’m a dude...why am I on this text? Can someone text me why I don’t have any friends...that would be a useful message. VOLUME THREE -- ISSUE 11 VOLUME THREE -- ISSUE 11 get them. I make myself stop and do a full body search, very similar to what you’d experience in the TSA airport security line. Sunglasses check, PFD check, 5wt, 6wt, beer, flies, waders, boots...all accounted for and after 5 trips and a near miss, I’m ready to start paddling. I love the river at night. It’s calming and I appreciate that I don’t have to share it with anyone. What I really mean is, I don’t have to talk to anyone. I don’t get random questions as I’m standing in the yak like, “How do you not fall out of your kayak?” The cell phone doesn’t blow up with all the really important group text messages that I get during the day. Ding, “Is Children’s Place having a T he morning is already a huge success. I somehow manage to hit the parking lot and not a tree at 2 am. That’s always a nice way to start a fishing trip. I locate the headlamp in my backpack and start carrying everything I need to the Little Red River in Heber Springs, AR. The day is getting better as I discover I actually brought everything I need, a first for me. After a few trips, page 70 I’m back for the Cuda 12. I’ve got 80lbs of plastic resting on my head and making the 40 yard hike, down some stairs, through the woods, to the river we...sing along if you know the words. get a “real” boat?” “Why don’t you get some friends who like to fish?” Which makes me question my questionable lifestyle more. A bug tries to take refuge in my right nostril...”That’s not a safe room dude!” Not sure how my thought Not long after getting smacked in process works but in the middle the face by a rogue branch, I start of the traumatic bug encounter I questioning my decision making remember, I forgot my sunglasses. process. “Why do you want to fish at night?” “Why don’t you One more hike back to the truck to page 71