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More Books Coming in 2019!

May 8th - Customertopia: How to Create an Easier, Simpler, More Profitable Business by Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams. Customertopia delivers a realistic blueprint for creating an easier, simpler, more profitable business, where finding customers becomes easier, figuring out how to attract them is simpler, and greater profitability enhances the reward.

June 4th - The Confident Patient, Successfully Navigate Your Healthcare Journey, by Wendy K. Benson and Elizabeth A. Meyers. This powerful book is a step by step

guide to empower patients to feel confident as they



the healthcaresystem.

June 19th - Expert and Influencer Series: Leadership Edition, compiled by Rebecca Hall Gruyter. The first book in our "Expert and Influencers Series" where we

bring in top Experts and Influencers to

share their words of advice, tips and wisdom in the area of Leadership. Discover how to more fully step into your leadership and SHINE!

June 27th - Volume II - Beyond the Veil: Unraveling the Mystery of Mary by

Nancy Tarr Hart, PhD. Provides new insights into the mystery of the very human

woman named Mary of Nazareth—a figure who has never been absent or eliminate from Christian

teachings—that unveil the image of a young Israelite woman who was chosen by God to carry out Divine

will in human history and, in her own right, was the

key and essential player without whom the Christian story would not exist.

September 17th - Step Into Your Brilliance! Anthology, compiled by Rebecca Hall Gruyter. This is the first in the "Step Into" Series where our powerful book of experts will help you discover how to embrace and step fully into your brilliance!

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