CosmoBiz Magazine December 2015 - Page 68

Issue DOCUMENTARY MORE THAN JUST EXTENSIONS: We catch up with Riqua Hailes after the release of her Documentary A 68 COSMOBIZ SALON DECEMBER 2015 Hair, it is every bit, if not more, important to the industry and how we perceive it. 1. Can you tell us a little bit about your background? I am an entrepreneur, who invested in a new business concept of an express extensions salon—I am not a licensed cosmetologist. What makes Just Extensions a beloved salon is our various extension applications and affordable prices, along with our team which consists Images from fter a bad experience with supposedly high quality hair extensions, Riqua Hailes decided she needed to learn what really went in to the high quality stuff and why not everything she was getting was making the cut. Hailes has been working in the industry and with extensions for ages when, after just a month of wear, a client came back to her with matted hair that had cost her a pretty penny. After this, she decided to take a closer look at where her hair came from. Hailes, along with a client and a cameraman, boarded the first of what would quickly become many flights. Starting in China Hailes winds her way through the eastern side of the hair industry, eventually making her way to Brazil and Peru where she found that the words on packages have little to do with the actual places. The documentary, which is available through her website and iTunes, follows her and her team as they make their way through the baffling and sometimes ugly world of hair extensions. What she finds is something we often talk about here at CosmoBiz; because the world of extensions is unregulated, there are very few specifics a manufacturer has to go by. We had the chance to catch up with Riqua Hailes about what her experience was like and what she came away with. If you’ve ever dabbled in the hair industry we recommend giving the full documentary a watch. While it does have fewer jokes than Chris Rock’s Good