Modern Business Magazine May 2016 - Page 22

MODERN BUSINESS Five ways to embed remarkable in your organisation By Georgia Murch B eing remarkable, that is, so impressive that people can’t stop remarking or talking about you, can happen. But it requires commitment. Working on great strategies, with impressive products or services is essential yet these don’t come to fruition unless your people collaborate well to implement them. That is, your success is based on how your people communicate, with each other, their customers and stakeholders. We need to have 22 ModernBusiness May 2016 remarkable conversations to become a remarkable business. It’s a no brainer right?! So how we do organisations get this right? Here are five ways to ensure your people, team and business can become one of the remarkable ones. 1 Nip conversations in the bud. Dealing with situations as they arise is the difference between putting out a spot fire compared to dealing with the bush fire. Having the conversations early ensures we things get done, create a culture of accountability, and they are so much easier to tackle before they become big issues with multiple stakeholders. We should not wait for the performance review or the end of project review. It’s too late and has the opposite affect. If we really want to improve, develop and grow we need to become