GLOSS Issue 23 JULY 2015 - Page 50

LEAVE YOUR GEN Y JUDGEMENT AT THE DOOR Fiona Craig “WE CANNOT DESPAIR OF HUMANITY, SINCE WE OURSELVES ARE HUMAN BEINGS” -ALBERT EINSTEIN L et’s talk about Generation Y. Surely it’s the most maligned generation to currently participate in the workforce? “Participate?!” I hear you splutter. “Generation Y are nothing but a bunch of spoilt kids who have been mollycoddled and wouldn’t know what hard work was if it came • they have no loyalty • they don’t understand what it means to work hard • they have a sense of entitlement • they expect the world on a plate without working for it • they don’t play by the rules • they value pleasure over ambition HOW TO GET THE BEST OUT OF PEOPLE BY UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT IS THAT MOTIVATES THEM AND MAKES THEM TICK. up, slapped them and said ‘this is hard work!’ I hear all sorts of stories about Generation Y employees. Some of the common complaints are: 50 GLOSS JULY 2015 At a dinner I attended recently there was discussion around the table about how to deal with Generation Y employees. What could have transpired was a lively debate about working with different generations and discussion