GLOSS Issue 23 JULY 2015 - Page 16

THE PRESENTATION STUDIO STORY Emma Bannister Housed in a bright Sydney studio, buzzing with twenty curious minds, the Presentation Studio difference has been honed through a long-forged dedication to the presentation arena. Its existence is dedicated to making people look good – to help ideas stand up, be counted, and make a difference. Here’s the story of Presentation Studio – as told by the Founder, Emma Bannister, to find out where the inspiration and passion comes from … I grew up in a small town north of London where the ‘big smoke’ was never far from view. I designed presentations for city banks and research companies which traded in high standards and fast deadlines. Their design expectations ignited an ambition that had always bubbled away inside me. The initial learning curve was challenging and inspiring in equal measure. This led me to bigger and bluer skies and I will never forget the moment my mum looked at me and hel