Food & Drink Process & Packaging Issue 17 2018 - Page 38

YULEYS® reusable overshoes ABOUT YULEYS® The YULEYS® Clean Step System is a reusable shoe cover that allows workers to enter clean environments without removing their dirty footwear. An alternative to disposable shoe covers or rubber overboots, YULEYS® fit quickly and conveniently over safety footwear to prevent contaminants from getting into sanitized environments – a must for the food processing industry. YULEYS® are easy to use, with a handsfree design that allows you to slip them on and off without bending over. Once on, the design incorporates a heel-lock system that keeps them firmly on your feet. The slip-reducing tread keeps your feet firmly on the ground as you stride confidently into a clean environment to to be replaced, they can be recycled, processing environment. They’re very so they’re an environmentally friendly effective for helping ensure cleanliness way to keep contaminants out of clean and a high level of productivity and are spaces. a great solution for a captive footwear THE YULEYS® SOLUTION policy in a food processing environment. Not only do they prevent contaminants from being tracked into the food For more information about Fortress processing environment, but they’re Distribution Ltd or its full line of also more durable than the rubber products please visit overboots. Employees find them easy to or call slip on and off, so they’re much less of a 01908 676869. do your work. YULEYS® are made with burden to put on before work. YULEYS® high-quality, industrial-grade rubber are also easy to wash and sanitize, and built for heavy use. If they ever need which is essential for use in a food BLFT liquid flow turbine gets saucy! Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a well-known curry sauce producer from the UK to provide accurate and repeatable batch-control systems for measuring the water volumes used in their supermarket sauce recipes. The client’s requirements meant that the system would be used for a variety of different recipes, so the batch controller had to be easy to use and able to be reprogrammed for varying volumes. For this application Bell Flow Systems selected the BLFT stainless steel turbine flow meter, combined with controlled, providing the highest level of Initially a single system was provided accuracy and performance. to the customer, however after successful performance testing, a The F130 LCD Batch controller was further two systems were provided connected to the signal output from so that the operators on neighbouring the BLFT to provide the operator with production lines could automate their a volumetric countdown on-screen of batch processes too. the required batch volume. Internal control relays actuated the solenoid For more information on the BLFT and a Fluidwell- F130 batch controller. A valve once the desired batch volume accessories please visit our website fast acting solenoid valve was also had been met, utilising automatic, or incorporated into the process so that over-run compensation to achieve contact the Bell Flow Systems Sales dispensed volumes could be quickly repeatability. team sales@bellflowsystems. ˝ZŒ H˙ ˝Z