BBRS Insights Newsletter Insights Autumn 2013

In this issue: President’s Letter Department Updates Meet the Team Project Spotlight Bristol Bay Resource Solutions, LLC Insights Autumn 2013 BBRS Customer Service Principles Good customer service is one of our key goals at BBRS. We understand that we all are customer service representatives. Using this basic understanding as a foundation, BBRS managers developed a list of principles to guide us in how we do business. These principles were developed with you, the customer, in mind. We considered the way you want to be treated, as well as how we will work with you to develop business solutions and build partnerships. Below, you’ll see the official BBRS principles that guide us in our day-to-day actions with our clients. To see more details, go to our website at • Treat customers as you would like to be treated. • Always be cheerful and courteous. • Manage customer expectations – don’t overpromise and under deliver. • Try to solve issues the first time around. • Follow up with customers on a regular basis. • Be honest – if you don’t know an answer, admit it! • If you are interacting with a customer, you own their perception of the company – make it a great one. • Get to know your customers’ business – they will appreciate it. • Advocate for your customers. • Strive to help customers as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality. • Make your promises time bound – give customers an ETA and then keep them in the loop if it changes. • Don’t be shy! Share your ideas for efficient, quality customer service! Solutions Start Here. 3:24 4:59 A correct timesheet saves the bottom line. If you turn in an error on your timesheet, it could cost you money. Fixing it, however, certainly costs the company money. What happens when you need to Efficiency Tip: I$ Time make a correction to a processed timesheet? Depending on the complexity of the correction, it can take between 10 to 30 minutes to process each timesheet correction. That adds real costs in increased time for the employee and supervisor to complete the necessary forms for the correction. It also takes time for someone in the Money Accounting Department to confirm the data and make the correction. Both you and your company are worried about the bottom line. That’s why it’s important to take your time when you’re completing your timesheet, and do it right the first time.