The Indie Game Magazine December 2015 | Issue 56 - Page 10

GAME WATCH LOST EMBER Remember, Wolves Hunt in Packs Developer: Mooneye Studios Website: Twitter: @MoonEyeStudios by: Vinny Parisi G reetings and salutations, valued reader, and welcome to the latest incarnation of Game Watch. After wrapping up our extensive coverage of Objects in Space last issue, this month we’re getting the latest development news about Mooneye Studios’ Lost Ember. If you’ll recall (or if you’re new to the series), Lost Ember tells the story of a wolf journeying through a forest that has grown over the top of a fallen civilization. As the wolf ventures into the ruins of the once-great city, he discovers temples that can be restored to their original glory. Restoring the temples grants the wolf insight into how the civilization fell, but details beyond that are scarce for the time being. This month, Mooneye CEO Tobias Graff divulged some more details about both gameplay and the story, so those who have been waiting for some juicy details are in luck. But first, he provided a brief progress report on the status of a playable build for “ It’s just too awesome to explore the world of Lost Ember, find hidden secrets or fly through a canyon in a swarm of parrots with a friend. Lost Ember. “We already have a demo version of the game that we tested with some external players, and will have the final version of the demo ready later this year,” Graff revealed. “Besides that, we are planning a Kickstarter campaign for March/April, and are working on trailers and gameplay footage for that.” Graff didn’t confirm whether or not the demo would be attached to the crowdfunding campaign, but it’s probably a safe bet that gamers can look forward to both a gameplay trailer and a hands-on demo headed their way in time for the Kickstarter. 10 As a brief audio update, Graff mentioned that “Craig Connor and Will Morton from Solid Audioworks are also starting to work on a soundtrack for the game, and new sound effects. The search for voice actors is starting, too.” Wait... voice actors? For a game starring a wolf and other animal wildlife? Game Watch fans with a keen memory will recall that Lost Ember also features flashback sequences during ” the temple restorations, offering a glimpse into the past when the indigenous people of the city led comfortable lives. “As you can see in the screenshots, we also have been working on some of the [flashback] sequences. In the first story sequence you will witness an argument between the chiefs of the most powerful tribes of the Mathu’un, the indigenous people of the lands you will wander in the first episode, The Indie Game Magazine